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BaaBaarino is Melissa's white plush sheep. Lovable and entertaining, BaaBaarino shares Melissa's love of life, as well as her boundless enthusiasm, willingness to try new things and of course, her physical courage to try things again when the first time or two doesn't work out as planned. BaaBaarino means well, but things don't always work out as she planned! Fortunately, she has Melissa, and Melissa's Momma and Daddy, to help out.

BaaBaarino Books are about Responsibility, the key to a good life. In fun and humorous situations, children have an opportunity to explore the many facets of Responsible Living, which is the foundation for personal growth.

The BaaBaarino series is intended for Toddler Read to Me, through the Beginning Reader levels. With humor and the adorable central character, the books entertain from ages 2 - 8.