About BaaBaarino

Yes, BaaBaarino really exists. Rescued from the top of a display crammed with stuffed animals, the adorable sheep swiftly became part of the family. BaaBaarino and Daddy play hide and seek with Melissa. BaaBaarino really does fly off the bed in the mornings. Her Easter Grass is in its own cupboard in Melissa's room organizer.

It is Melissa's hope, and mine as well, that the BaaBaarino books pass on the enthusiasm and joy that she and BaaBaarino bring to everything that they do. It is Life's challenges that brings the best out in all of us, including the smallest of sheep.

- Kate Trudeau
January 1, 2010

Kate Trudeau, the author and illustrator is really the Momma in the BaaBaarino Books. Looking for a fun and entertaining way to teach her daughter about the concepts of Responsibility and Living a Responsible Life, she began to tell stories about Melissa's little sheep, BaaBaarino. Children (and adults!) learn best when they are relaxed, but fully engaged. The goal of the BaaBaarino books is to charm and to entertain, while allowing complex concepts to be introduced and lightly applied.