BaaBaarino Books


The first BaaBaarino book is completed and published. Both an introduction to BaaBaarino and Melissa, the book explores physical safety and common sense. BaaBaarino enjoys leaping off of Melissa's bed every morning, but she doesn't want to worry about which direction she flies. Until the day she flys a little too far!
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BaaBaarino's New Friend

This second BaaBaarino book is in the editing and illustration phase. We hope to publish this Spring. BaaBaarino is invited to a playdate with Momma's own friend, Purple Sheep. BaaBaarino is so excited about the prospect, that she spends lots of time trying to figure out how to make the best impression. Together, BaaBaarino and Melissa must figure out the difference between modifying behaviors and pretending to be someone else entirely.

A BaaBaarific Feast

Book Three of the series has a plot written, but little else. We intend to publish in early Summer. BaaBaarino gets into Melissa's Easter Basket, and leaving the chocolate aside, finishes most of the grass.

Shear Joy

There is only a kernel of an idea completed for this; we hope to have this ready for Christmas 2014.

BaaBaarino Loves Melissa

BaaBaarino Coloring and Activity Book

Recipes, mazes, missing puzzles pieces, coloring pages and more --- all focusing on the illustrations from the Book One, BaaBaarino.  This book is complete, published once, and will be published again soon.